Stákkonjárgga Mountain Lodge


Rent a cottage in alpine environment

We offer self-catering accommodation in the alpine environment with good fishing, small game hunting and snowmobiling but also opportunities for recreation in amazing surroundings – berry picking, hiking and cross country skiing in untouched mountain forest (Ultevis mountain forest).

Cottages with water from the lake, gas stove and gas
refrigerator. Heating from firewood and gas.
Ability to use electricity to charge mobile phone or computer use (solar panel).
Our cottages are located in the municipality of Jokkmokk in Lapland in the northern part of Sweden. You travel westward along the road called “Vägen Västerut” and stop at Jaurekaska (in summer) Aluokta (in winter). From there, you reach the cottages either by boat or snowmobile/skiing (the trip along the ice road and over the lake is at your own risk). If you come to hike, pick berries or other things that do not require boat or snowmobile we will arrange transportation over the lake.
Fritz Åke and Susanne with family

Contact details

Fritz Åke Kuoljok +46 73 074 05 14
Susanne Andersson +46 70 527 68 38
Nilas Kuoljok + 46 73 800 39 52